ProTailored treats conditions related to muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons. Below is a list of the most common conditions


Neck Back Pain

Low Back Pain



Hip Pain

Shoulder Pain

Knee Pain

Post Operative

Foot Pain


*ProTailored Physical Therapy works with a wide variety of individuals.  Some come to physical therapy due to prolonged or reoccurring pain, while others seek treatment following orthopedic surgical procedures to restore movement, strength, and control of the operated area.

A variety of treatment techniques are used; these include, but are not limited to, the following:


Manual Therapy

Joint Manipulation

Muscle Training

Dry Needling

Joint Mobilization

Vestibular Rehab

Soft Tissue Release



Postural Education

Work Station Assessment

Nerve Mobilization


*ProTailored Physical Therapy focuses on manual therapy, a specialized form of physical therapy which consists of a variety of hands on approaches to treat musculoskeletal pain and limitations. Benefits include decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, eliminating tissue inflammation, facilitating movement and improving overall function in daily life. ProTailored is also one of the only physical therapy clinics in Fort Wayne that is certified in Dry Needling. Click on the underlined links to find out more.